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Research for HuMoNs.

The Human Movement Neuroscience (HuMoN) research lab seeks to understand the neural bases of natural human behavior in real-world environments, with a focus on the information gathering (visual) processes that support full-body ballistic movements (e.g. walking, running, jumping, etc).

We advance the boundaries of the scientific frontier by developing novel research methods based on emerging technologies to derive research-grade measurements of human activities that were previously beyond the grasp of scientific analysis, both in unconstrained natural environments as well as controlled laboratory settings.

Our research seeks to build methodological and theoretical bridges between otherwise disparate fields of inquiry that relate to natural human behavior (e.g. musculoskeletal biomechanics and visual neuroscience) in order to develop a more complete, holistic scientific understanding of natural human behavior.

Still from eye-tracking software.
Still from FreeMoCap open-source software.
Still from mocap software.